Teens in need of help

Teens in need of help

By Rafael Ramirez, Writer

“Cut for Bieber”,  a hashtag that went viral on the web when pictures of the pop star arose of him allegedly smoking marijuana. The hashtag encouraged Justin Bieber fans to perform self harm to capture his attention and prevent him from making bad decisions. For some reason teenage girls believed it would encourage him to stop, but who really should be encouraged to get help?

Throughout the years, teenagers have duplicated extreme actions that have been somehow influenced by celebrities. Many of these things are sexually provocative, and involve the use of illegal substances. Are celebrities positive role model to teenagers? Well there is a inconsistency of good influence there so, the argument is debatable.

Celebrities that rise with ties to television channels such as Disney are also turning into bad influences. In a 2009,Miley Cyrus was named the worst influence with a landslide of 42% of the votes in “The Hollywood Gossip” survey. When asked, do you think celebrities are bad or good influences on teens? 63 out of 100 students at Tigard High agreed that celebrities are bad influences on teenagers. Whereas thirty seven disagreed.

“Good, most of them use their fame to influence teens in a  better way, you’ll see them in commercials supporting healthy programs, active lifestyles and anti drugs stuff like that.” Junior Mamouhd Mohhamed

From drinking cough syrup with soda beverages to “smushing” with random people on a daily basis; celebrities seem to not care much about the amount of power and influence they have over teenagers. Miley Cyrus destroyed her sweet and innocent Disney star image by smoking pot and drinking underage. Lindsey Lohan, a successful child actress threw her life away to drug abuse and a criminal lifestyle. There is no doubt that celebrities make mistakes, but mistakes made by teenagers shouldn’t be blamed on a celebrity who has made bad choices. Parents should speak with their teens about what is right and what is wrong, by being distinct and precise on where they see themselves, how they want to be seen, and what they should do to be a individual. It isn’t difficult to help teens make good choices, all it takes is some positive role models.