Tryouts for the state and nationally ranked Tigerettes dance team begin Monday

By Rebecca Ramirez, staff writer

The Tigerette dance season ended in March, and the team is holding tryouts starting this Monday, May 13. Taking third place at state, the team is looking for strong dancers.

Tryouts will be held in Tigard High’s small gym on May 13-15 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on each night. If you are trying out, you are expected to wear dance attire, an example being jazz pants and a fitted top.

“You should have something like a signature color or a headband you wear every night to make you stand out,” said Tigerette coach Chase Gourley. “The first night of tryouts will have a lot of paperwork, and then there will be a long stretch and some across the floor.”

Across the floor will include kicks, chaîné turns, pique turns, and other basics. Along with across the floor combinations, a routine will be taught to all dancers. On the third night, groups of about four will perform the routine in front of the Tigerette coaches and other judges.

“Just stick with it, come with a smile on your face and perform,” said Gourley. “A nice, classy lady is what we’re looking for, everything else can be taught.”