The hidden talents strike again in this year’s Tigard’s Got Talent

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

Singing, dancing, music, and hilarious jokes was what this year’s Tigard’s Got Talent held for the audience on Thursday, April 11 from 7-9p.m. There were 11 amazing acts that were critiqued by four judges and proudly introduced by the emcees, juniors Cameron Yarnell, Ernest-James Albaugh, and Nathanael Ditton.

The performances ranged from singers and studio dancers to break dancers and musical instruments. Junior Melissa Keenan performed an upbeat dance to a country song, while senior Anna Vogt danced to a calming Sara Bareilles song that moved the audience.

Representing the singers was senior Lin Phou who sang Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend, while junior McKenzie Green sang Stay by Rihanna. When it came time to vote for the winners, the audience was given five boxes with the top five performer’s names on each box. The audience members were given tickets as they arrived and used them to vote for their favorite act.

The unraveling of the top three acts began with the audience itching to know if their favorite performance had won. In third place was junior Megan Bither, who sang a cover of We Are Young by Fun.; in second was the musical group Family Matters, who sang and played a medley of various songs; and finally in first place was senior Aislinn Gray who performed a chilling original song.

The hidden talents of THS lit up the night and created a spectacular show for their audience.