Appreciating the classified staff

By Rebecca Ramirez, staff writer

The office is filled with the aroma of brownies, cookies, and other confections as the soft noises of typing and the ticking of the clock lull on and on. Head secretary Rachel Edwards works diligently on her computer, typing away, as data coordinator Carla Smith does the same.

Classified Staff Appreciation Week took place from March 4 to March 8 this year. The classified staff, which includes secretaries, kitchen staff, and custodians were shown appreciation during this week. Leadership showed their appreciation by giving the staff an abundance of homemade and store-bought treats for them to munch on throughout the day while getting their work done.

“Look what Leadership did for us,” Edwards said, gesturing to the table full of food. “Isn’t that nice?”
The janitorial staff also received a sweet treat, cookies. Gus Jaramillo, head custodian, made his way around the school with his equipment and his cookies, which had a note taped to it.

Classified Staff Appreciation Week is held annually, however the hard working staff of Tigard High should be appreciated every week.