THS students wear pink for anti cyberbullying

By Rebecca Ramirez, staff writer

The internet is full of resources that help high school students with school and general research and, it is also full of social media that connects billions of people around the world with the click of a button. However, the abuse of social media is an issue that is on the rise. Cyberbullying is a somewhat new form of bullying that has affected thousands of teens, and caused multiple suicides.

When it was announced at Tigard High School that there would be an assembly about cyberbullying on Feb. 6, groans were audible and eyes were rolling. However, the THS staff was determined to get the message across to students: cyberbullying needs to be taken seriously.
During an extended second period, students watched a video about the cyberbullying virus and how it affects teenagers.
“The video talked about how with all this technology, you can be bullied all the time. On Facebook, Twitter, or anything else, someone always has a way to get to you,” said freshman Shaelyn O’ Gorman.
On Thursday, Feb. 7, students were encouraged to wear pink to show their support for victims of cyberbullying and to stop spreading the disease.
“I wanted to wear pink to show my support,” said sophomore Linda Vergara. “I think people need to be aware of how their words can hurt people, even if it is something posted online.”