Doernbecher’s Sweet Tooth

By Bryna Cortes, Staff Writer

The Doernbecher Club meets on every second Tuesday of the month at 7:50.
Recently they held an entertainment drive where they have collected all types of
games and movies, which proved to be a success since they “have two top-filled
boxes”, said the Doernbecher Club’s advisor, Jenifer Hinkle, with a smile on her
face. And that isn’t all you will get from this club. The club is working on getting a
Valentine’s Day drive  that will call for some candy for the children at
the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. What could be better than receiving
chocolates and other sweets on Valentine’s Day? They are also open for new ideas.
Fundraisers play a big role in the club, and they are looking for new events that can
bring up the club’s spirit. If you have any ideas at all, bring it to room 700 and ask
for Hinkle!