Calling All Whovians

By Becca Rameriez, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to get away from your everyday routine? Well then step into the wild world of Doctor Who and experience the wonders of time travel by joining the Doctor Who Club. The club meets every Tuesday after school in room 602. Dedicated Whovians, or Doctor Who fans, spent time together watching the Doctor time travel.

Dr. Who is a TV show from the UK about a doctor who travels through time in the Tardis with his companion and fights monsters to help save the world. Popular with the British, the sci-fi show is a charming mix of science and comedy.

“It’s just somewhere to go after school and nerd out,” said sophomore Grace Hagen, club president. “I was talking to my friend about Doctor Who so we can have people with the same interests meet and talk about it,” said Hagen.

The club formed at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year. The club is run on a drop-in basis and consists of about 12 frequent members. At meetings, the members take some time to talk about Dr. Who, then watch an episode or two.

“You don’t have to be a Whovian to join the club. If you just want somewhere to hang out after school, you can come,” said Pamela “Frau” Miller, club advisor.

Along with watching episodes of Dr. Who at meetings, the club plans on doing some volunteer work.

“We want to do good for the community, because that’s what the Doctor does in the show. We were also thinking about painting a big life sized Tardis,” said Miller.