Student produced play a new step for THS

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

The Tigard High theatre department has been providing performances and entertainment to students and the community for many years now. This year, senior Nicholas Bussey has decided to take THS theatre to a new level. His idea is a completely student run production of the play “The Good Doctor”.

“The Tigard theatre students are known to be some of the best and most talented around, and a part of me wanted to see if this year – with such a strong senior class – if we could actually put together an entire production,” said Bussey.

Good doctor is a play written by Neil Simon consisting of a variety of scenes that a narrator connects together. Bussey says that the play has something for everyone; humor, romance, dark scenes, and more. It was partly chosen for its flexibility in cast members,  allowing Bussey to create a cast of 17 actors, but more than 40 students assisting with the whole play. The play is not including any adults, which means no help from Theatre teacher Todd Hermanson.

“I sure hope we can get a better turnout from our student body than our shows normally do… I mean, this one is done completely by us students!” Bussey said.

Producing the play has cost Bussey about 1000 dollars, and it is time consuming as well. With assistance from stage manager senior Samuel Richmann and the rest of the crew, he hopes to learn a lot about the process of putting on a professional show.

“I think everything will come together in the end, and we are going to have a wonderful show for people to enjoy,” said Bussey.

He is also producing the play for a good cause. He will take no more earnings from the play than invested, so all additional money made will go towards funding the Thespian trip to state in the Spring. He also found a way to involve the audience. Anyone can bring a can of food to get a dollar off their ticket price. Up to three cans (or three dollars) can be used, which means three dollars off an original ticket price of 10! All canned food will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul.

Bussey and fellow students are entering their last week of rehearsal, and Tigard High can expect the first showing to be on Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m., followed by two other 7:30 p.m. showings on the 11 and 12. There will also be a Matinee at 3 p.m. on the 12. The opportunity has provided students who have a passion for theatre to come together and create something to wow the community, and to call their own.

The hope is by the end we shall be able to look back and see how well-versed in theatre we really were, and how well we were able to work together to get something this big (and it is BIG) done and done well!” said Bussey.