Henry Ammann wins uniform design contest

By Rebecca Ramirez, staff writer

With a passion for designing and a dream to work for Nike, sophomore Henry Ammann entered Sports Career Consulting’s Uniform Design Contest on Facebook, with the hope of getting his work recognized by someone who could kickstart his career.

With the help of his peers and teachers who voted online for his design, Ammann won the contest with his camouflage Beavers uniform.“I have always loved design but this is the first real competition I have entered,” said Ammann, who was given an internship with Nike brand Jordan and job-shadowed a footwear designer from Nike. For winning the contest, he was also given a Nike employee-store pass and gift cards to Black Rock Coffee.

Ammann was told about the contest by his sports marketing teacher, Adam Sarancik.

“My favorite class is Sports Marketing because I have been given so many amazing opportunities and learned so many new things about the business world and how it all works, and that just fascinates me. My dream career is to go and study in the Business and Entrepreneurship School at Oregon State University and eventually work at Nike,” said Ammann.

The contest was won by Facebook users “liking” one of the uniforms. To receive enough likes on his design, he texted all his friends and posted the link on Twitter and Facebook.

“The day before the competition Zach Nash, my competitor, had a huge surge of votes which put him in the lead, so I got out my phone and went through all of my contacts and told everyone who had a Facebook to share the photo and tell their friends to do the same.”
Ammann ended in the lead with 413 likes, ahead of Nash’s 365 likes.