How Christmas traditions came about in America

By Hannah Armstead, Staff Writer

One reason why America is so diverse is because of the fact that the country contains immigrants from all over the world that brought their own unique traditions with them.  For example, one thing they brought were their Christmas traditions.  When people think of Christmas, most think of family time and gifts, but do we ever take the time to know and understand how Christmas became a regular occurrence in our lives?

Traditions for Christmas ordinarily took place in Europe then made their way to America.  The landmark date that Christmas started in America was in the the 19 century, where countless and memorable traditions became established into our culture.  Christmas Eve is on the 24 of December and Christmas Day takes place on the 25.

Some things we know of that are typical findings to get ready for the Christmas season are Santa Claus, stockings on the fireplace, Christmas trees, gifts, mistletoe, holly ivy and poinsettias, Christmas cards, Christmas carols, and Christmas lights. Santa Claus is the man in the big red suit, he is typically known as fat, rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and loves his milk and cookies!  Stockings on the fireplace are like large socks for St. Nick to put little gifts into.  The Christmas tree is a tree that you bring into your home and it is what people place the presents under as well as decorate it with ornaments and stencil.  Gifts are what we give to each other to show our appreciation for one another and how thankful we are for them.  The mistletoe has became the icon of kissing, whoever two people that stand underneath the mistletoe are supposed to kiss, and ivy holly and poinsettias are the typical shrubs of the season!  Christmas cards are known for sending a person a Christmas greeting; happy holidays and happy new years.  Christmas carols are when a group of people go around and sing songs together at people’s front doors.  Last but not least, Christmas lights, Christmas lights are lights that people decorate their house with, they contain multiple different colors and are a symbol for Christmas time and spirit.