Choralation and Concert Choir start Halloween Off With a Bang


Concert Choir singing for the last part of the Halloween Variety Show.

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

Tigard’s choralation and concert choir shined during their  Halloween Variety Show on  Tuesday, Oct 30th in the THS auditorium. The concert began with  two songs , “Flow My Tears” and “Blackbird,” from choralation which led to the solo  portion of the concert .The first solo was “Hello” sung by Blair Bowmer followed by a dance routine to “Sweet Dreams” by junior Samantha Sun and Chad Crader. The solos and group solos continued with amazing performances by the ladies of choralation, senior Jessica Skinner, and junior Paul Harestad.

After intermission the stunning performances continued starting with a dance duo by seniors E.J. delaCruz and Josef Zaragoza. To end the night, concert choir sang a few songs such as, “The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee” and “Past Life Melodies.” Both choirs sang beautifully and had a successful concert.