Last minute Halloween costume ideas

By Allie Chino, Online Editor

It’s two days before Halloween and you don’t have a costume. Between your activities, commitments, and IB classes, dressing up for Halloween has somehow slipped your mind. But no need to worry, there are tons of last minute costume ideas that can make up for it.

The first costume is for all the cooking enthusiasts out there. All you’re going to need is a chef hat and an apron to wear, and an iron to carry to become an Iron Chef.

To complete the next costume, just dress in comfortable clothing and carry around your favorite cereal box and a plastic knife. When your friends ask what you are, explain to them that you’re a Cereal Killer.

For this next one, dress in all white and tape a large, yellow circle to your stomach. Throw on a pair on devil horns and you’re a Deviled Egg.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, all you need to do is dress like you normally would and tape smarties to your pants. It won’t take a Smartie Pants to know that’s what you’re dressed up as.

This last one is the easiest idea yet. Simply write the word “time” on your face using a marker or eyeliner and you’re Facetime!