Shari Balcom – THS Receptionist

By Micah Lundstrom, Executive Editor

It takes a lot of dedication and hard working people to keep a school running.  Shari Balcom is definitely one of these people.  For six years Balcom has worked as the receptionist in the reception office.  Although she says it can get pretty chaotic sometimes, she can’t help but love it.  Balcom writes the daily and weekly bulletins and emails them to all the parents and staff.  She also runs the THS Twitter and Facebook, all while answering calls.

“She’s a very busy women”, commented Junior Flavius Rusu after buying a lanyard in the reception office.  “She asked me about my day and was very nice,” he also said.

Curriculum Secretary, Carla Smith, sits just down the hall from Balcom and says, “She has brought Tigard into the social media world”, as well as bring a lot of new ideas to the table.

Shari Balcom has definitely helped Tigard to thrive over the last six years.  So the next time you’re walking by reception don’t hesitate to  and say thank you.