Homecoming in a nutshell

By Sana Mohammed, Designer/Writer

Loud pumping music, laughter and lots of dancing, this year’s homecoming seemed to be a success! Walking into the dance, strobe lights flashed along the walls and a large screen projected different sorts of music videos to match the songs, and everyone was digging it.

“Yeah, homecoming is alright every year. But this one was really fun,” said junior Kaylee McClung.

Even before arriving at the event, groups as big as 14 people went out or stayed home for a good time. “We went out to Olive Garden, it was so much fun! I liked the food,” junior Justine Hubbard laughed. Red Robins and Olive Garden seemed like the places to go for a great, delicious meal. When asked, however, most people agreed that it was easier on their budgets to have a home-cooked meal, skip the entire fancy dinner.
“I don’t like spending a ton of money on homecoming stuff,” said junior Jonah Ediger.

Others went as far as to thrifting their entire ensemble of dress, and shoes! Senior Maggie Johnson explained how she went and thrifted her homecoming dress. “I thrifted my outfit, it’s so much faster that way,” she pointed out.

Smiles on everyone’s faces as they all danced along to Gangnam Style was most everyone’s favorite part, dancing along with dates. Even if you didn’t have a date, tons of people decided to grab a friend and swing with it.
“I like having a date, but going with friends sounds just as cool,” freshman Rachel Seinwerth nodded.

If you missed this years homecoming, don’t fret! Winter Formal is getting closer, and if you’re a junior or senior, prom will be towards the end of this year. Don’t miss out on any other fun dances the school has to offer, most people would agree you’d be missing out!