Now potential for wrestling 2012-13

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

Last year the Tigard High School wrestling team took charge, making a name for itself in the district circuit. Graduated wrestlers such as Andrew Pin, Ian Rogers, Eric Franco, and Brandon Detra said their goodbye to THS, leaving the younger wrestlers to keep up the good work and live up to the high standards. Many seniors were lost this year, but the team is making up for the loss with incoming freshman and sophomores.

“We’ll have a younger team this year,” says coach Geoff Jarman, as opposed to the team made up of primarily older students the previous year.

Wrestlers to watch include the returning regional placers Victor Ceja, Mark Hall, and Alex Anakin. Along with Hall, Ethan Lange and Austin Johnson are this years seniors to support.

Geoff Jarman and Romelio Salas will return in the fall as the team’s coaches, along with various volunteer coaches. Jarman and Salas can see the potential, telling how a younger team now means a stronger and better team in the years to come.