Ever wear the same thing as someone else?

By Hannah Armstead, Staff Writer

Ever woke up super excited about what you are wearing to school that day? Had it all picked out, all confident, walk into school, look down at your shirt and another person’s, and then it dawns on you.  You are wearing the same shirt as someone else! What goes through your mind? All that excitement you had about the new shirt.  All the compliments you thought you might get. All the money down the drain, or maybe it might have been a bargain and you were excited to ask people how much they thought you purchased it for.  Thought it was kind of edgy and unique and thought you would be making a statement.

Just imagine if you were in this situation, or even if you were, how did you feel? For example, these two young ladies had this same mishap but had different opinions.

“I though it was funny that we both picked out the same thing and that we didn’t even plan it” said junior Danielle Gedusky. On the other hand, others don’t have the same view on their fashion faux pas. “I though it was funny but also a bit irritated because I was really excited to wear my orange pants, plus we looked  like the inside of a crayon box next to each other,” said junior Caitlin Britch.

I suppose the best way to handle this situation is that one quote that makes everyone happy:”‘You know what they say, two great minds think alike.”‘