Spring into this season’s fashion trends with neon colors, color blocking


By Online Editor, Allie Chino

With every new season comes new fashion trends. As some trends reoccur every year, like floral prints and pastels, many come out of nowhere.

Neon and pastel colors, especially tangerine and mint green, have been plastered all over the pages of fashion magazines, as well as seen on the runways. Being one of the most popular trends from last year, color blocking has been taken to a new level by using these brighter colors. Another returning trend is tribal print. This exotic look is mostly seen on crop tops and bodycon skirts.

One of this season’s hottest trends are peplums. This unique piece is essential for anyone looking to have all eyes on them. Accentuating the desired hourglass figure, a peplum style shirt or dress is tight along the chest, waist, and legs while flaring out at the hips. If you are wanting something less fitted, while still putting yourself out there with your style, then hi-low hem lined dresses are the way to go.

However, if you are less daring with your style choices, peter pan collars have been huge. Whether you’re making a quick trip to Target, or strolling through H&M, this is a trend you cannot miss. And with the variety of colors, fabrics, patterns, and sleeve lengths, you’re bound to find one that fits your style. These shirts can be paired with a simple pair of skinny jeans for an everyday look, or an A-line or pencil skirt to make it more sophisticated.

For a popular trend that mixes in with your desire to do it yourself, studs are the way to go. This edgy look is back, once again, and it’s super simple to achieve this trend while maintaining a budget. Many craft stores supply glue or iron-on studs that are simple to use. But if you’d rather skip the project, studded clothes, shoes, and accessories can be found almost anywhere.

White pants are going to be trending for both girls and guys this summer. This can add a level of freshness to any look. Other trends for guys this year will be cut off shorts, which can be paired with a tribal printed tank top, pastel v-neck, plaid shirt, or a simple light sweatshirt. Boat shoes will also be a great way to add some class to your outfit.

A great way to add to your simple outfits are by accessorizing. Mixing and matching a lot of bracelets, or “arm candy”, can add more to your outfit.

Whether you prefer to be bold with your style or simply look put together, this seasons trends will be perfect for you.