Prom $$$

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Floor length dresses, jet black tuxedos, detailed corsages, colorful boutonnieres, party buses and a fancy dinner. These are just a few of the costs that make prom a triple-digit outing. The popular springtime dance was the most anticipated event of this year, taking weeks (even months!) to plan the perfect night.

Visa estimated that the average couple spent $1,078 on prom this year. This is $271 more than the estimated total of $807 spent in 2011. For Tigard High students it ranged anywhere from $100- $600.

“It costs a lot of money,” said junior Benny Wick.  ”But it’s worth it!”

Tigard High School couple Wick and senior Kayley Broyles broke down their spending and found that together they spent about $840. Including $400 for Broyles’ dess and $130 for Wicks’ tuxedo. However those weren’t the only purchases made, roughly $35 was spent on corsages and boutonnieres and another $50 went towards prom tickets.

Preparing for prom was an event itself, countless girls showed up at salons to get their hair, makeup, and nails done with their friends just hours before the dance. An updo costed freshman Maddie Bickel $40. She also got her makeup professionally done for $35, but saved what would’ve been another $35 by doing her own nails.

Junior Megan Risinger, who went to prom with her friends, managed to spend only $130. Because she is in leadership, her ticket was free, and she reused the shoes she wore for homecoming. Also, she did her own hair and makeup.

“Some of my savings were luck and some was a conscious effort,” said Risinger. “But more importantly I just didn’t want to upstage my senior prom, this year was more like a fun warm-up.”