Fun ideas for a rainy day

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

As the weather deals out those last rainy days before summer, students struggle to find ways to pass the time without getting drenched.These are a few ideas to help wait it out until the sunshine arrives:

1. SNAG A FREE MOVIE: The Tigard Public Library lets you check out movies for a week, not including renewals. It’s perfect for a movie day with friends or family.

“I go to the Tigard Library and check out movies,” said junior Maria Silva. “They have a good selection.”

2. COOK A GREAT MEAL: Invite a friend over and try cooking. You can follow a recipe or make up your own creations. Some good websites for finding recipes are and If you’re a beginner there are recipes labeled for their difficulty level. Try and find one labeled “easy”. Better yet, host a potluck or have an indoor picnic!

3. READ A GREAT BOOK:  Check out a book from the library or borrow one from a friend. It’s a great way to escape. Some of the hottest book this year include Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth.

4. COMPETE IN A GAME NIGHT:  Whether it’s a video game session or a board game invite your friends for game night! Test your business skills with Monopoly, or settle down on the couch for some Mortal Combat. Some programs on the Internet will even let you rent out games.

“I just play video games or read,” Said Freshman Andrew Henneman.

5. GET MOVING: If you are more of the athletic type, use the weather as an excuse to try a new sport. Indoor sports like bowling or ping-pong are just as much of a satisfying challenge. Tigard Bowl offers leagues to join all year. South Side Soccer has openings for summer camp already! It’s something to look forward to until the sun arrives.

6. CRUISE THE MALL: Junior Hayden Winters said his rainy day plan involves hanging out at the mall with friends. You can go to buy a summer wardrobe or just window shop.

7. GET AWAY! If you have the car, and the money for gas, take a drive to the coast or to the mountains. A day out might be just what you need to keep you going these last few weeks! Travel East of the Cascades for warmer weather.

Junior Eva Laiti said, “I travel to Mexico and hang out with the locals to brush up on my Spanish.”