Daily workout move: pivoting squat

By Teddi Faller, Business Manager

The “pivoting squat” comes from the school of Yoga Booty Ballet created by Teigh McDonough and Gillian Marloth.

First, you stand with your feet parallel, hip-width apart in a standard squat position. If you want to get the general feel of squatting, try doing a basic squat – without the pivot. Stand in the standard position and bend your knees as if to sit back in an imaginary chair.

Once you get the feel of a regular squatting position, you’re ready for the pivot squat. When you go down into the squat, put your weight on your heels and pivot your feet outwards, so that your toes are no longer pointing forward. Come back up and go back down immediately, this time pivoting on your heel and bringing your feet back in so that your toes are pointing inwards. These are the two pivot squats.

To follow Yoga Booty Ballet’s routine, do three sets of eight pivot squats with your feet pointing out and eight pivot squats with your feet pointing inwards.

You’re going to feel this move in your thighs, I guarantee it! Make sure to pay attention to your knees while doing this. If you feel any pain in the knees, review your squatting form; you shouldn’t feel this in your knees.