Discover monthly fashion subscriptions

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Monthly magazine subscriptions have always been something to look forward to. There is always excitement when receiving a magazine in the mail each month. During the last few months in the beauty community, monthly make-up and clothing subscriptions have been very popular.

Birchbox and MyGlam are two different examples of the make-up subscriptions. When you subscribe, each month you receive a package of 4-5 deluxe sized samples and/ or full size make up and hair products.This is a great thing for both beauty “addicts” and girls who are just starting off with make-up and want to try out some new products.

Each box includes products from favorite brands such as Urban Decay, Stila, and NYX as well as new undiscovered brands.  There is even a Birchbox for men! These subscriptions only cost you $10 a month and include free shipping and you can cancel anytime, there is also a gift option.

Clothing subscriptions are also on the rise. Beachmint is a company that has branched out into several brands: JewelMint, StyleMint, BeautyMint, and ShoeMint. The items you receive each month are personalized by taking an online quiz that defines your style and is sent right to your doorstep. Each brand is co-designed by fashion icons Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Fashion and beauty subscriptions are a good way to change up your beauty routine or add some amazing staple pieces to your closet. No matter your style, there is something for everyone.