Three first date ideas

By Brett Higgins, Copy Editor

On the first date, you put yourself out there for your significant other to judge you. Will they like you as a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you treat them right? Are you fun to spend one-on-one time with? Do you “click”? Hopefully you took the time to become friends with them before you got to this stage in your relationship, but no matter what, the first date will determine if you get a second one.

Now that you have a day set for you to get to know each other, here are three ideas for dates based on how much interaction you want to have with your partner:

1. Want to really get to know your person of interest? There’s nothing better than the classic dinner date. Take them out to a restaurant (not too fancy, definitely not cheap) such as olive garden. Here you will be able to enjoy good food as well as talk to your date with more comfort under the dimmer lighting of the restaurant.

2. A little nervous? Don’t want all his/her focus to be caught up on you? Go to the movies. Although this one is tough because it doesn’t really open him/her up to you, it also helps you get settled into really getting to know each other in that romantic way. If you want to make it more personal, invite him/her over to your house to watch a movie. Then you won’t have to feel confined within a crowd of people in a theater.

3. Go for a walk/bike ride. This is a fun activity because you are able to get a little exercise as well as spend time with your romantic interest. Go ahead and take a break along the way, maybe even have a picnic where you can joke around as well as enjoy the scenery of a park. A nice place to take a walk is in Portland at the waterfront. If you go there, you even have the option of going to Saturday market over the weekend.

Remember to have a good time and show you know how to be playful. A few people out there are into the stoic type, but it gets a little boring after awhile. Overall, be yourself. If you try to act cool or be something you aren’t, they will eventually figure it out and break it off.

Some tips:

If you’re a boy; charm her by opening the door for her before you walk into any building or car, and remember to compliment her appearance. Be genuine and polite, any façade you put up will eventually fall apart. Also, dress nicely.

If you’re a girl, dress to impress, but don’t go all out. You want to wear clothes that fit the occasion. Go ahead and compliment your date, he probably spent a few thoughts on what he wore to meet up with you. Don’t be something you’re not, and don’t sell yourself short; if he is a jerk he is not worth your time.

Don’t expect a kiss on the first date. Don’t force anything, go with the flow.

If you find you do not want to continue any romance between you and your partner, directly tell them. Don’t beat around the bush as it will result in a long, painful death to your relationship. On the other hand, remember that things won’t always go your way or work out how you imagined in your head. Be prepared for rejection, as sometimes it is inevitable.

Good Luck!