This week’s exciting November sky

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Nov. 6, at 2:00 a.m. we had to set our clocks back one hour. What does this mean for us Tigard students? Other than an extra hour of sleep, it means brighter mornings and darker evenings. These darker evenings allow us to see the night sky even earlier than we have been. Here is this week’s sky for you local star gazers.

<h3>Monday, Nov. 7</h3> Jupiter will be close to the moon and look just like any other bright star in the sky. Also, if you have a decent telescope try to catch Jupiter’s Great Red Spot cross the planet’s central meridian.

<h3>Tuesday, Nov. 8</h3> Jupiter will still be shining bright and will appear close to the moon. Also, the Near Earth Asteroid called 2005 YU55 is passing over us. It will be coming towards Earth in a direction from the Sun, so it will be difficult to see until later hours. Let’s hope we don’t have a cloudy night!

<h3>Wednesday, Nov. 9</h3> Jupiter will still be shining to the right of the moon viewed from low in the East. In the Southwest horizon, Venus, Mercury, and Antares will make a diagnal line in the sky, but you will need more that just your naked eye to see it.

<h3>Thursday, Nov. 10</h3> Have you ever seen a face on the moon? Many artists like to draw their version of the face on the moon, and tonight would be a great time for inspiration! Tonight’s Full Moon will brighten up our sky with Jupiter on its right.

<h3>Friday, Nov. 11</h3> Pleiades is above the moon at the same time as Aldebaran appears below it. Aldebaran will have a slightly orange shade to it.

<h3>Saturday, Nov. 12</h3> Jupiter’s satellite will be crossing Jupiter at 8:15-10:54 p.m., later followed by its shadow.

After a nice 3 day week, look up into the sky and relax. Just one more week until we get our Thanksgiving break!