High school horror


By Ryan Floom, Staff Writer

Students have an odd addiction to horror films during their high school years. Why is this? Why do we like to be scared? Is it the sensational thrill that haunts our mind, the inevitable possibility that the frightening fantasy may become a reality in our own life? Some of highest grossing films from the pockets of high schoolers are horror films, next to comedies.

Some students see horror films to prove to their peers that they do not get scared. But our classmates are not in our room at night as we cower under the covers hiding from Michael Myers… Students do not realize they are losing valuable sleep over horror films, causing their focus at school the next day to be off task and distracted.

High school horror has been going on for generations, and we may have gotten the sensation from our parents. Although, with today’s effects and thrills, we may call our parents “wussies” for being scared of such nonsense. Just like the killer sand-man, Freddy Krueger from Wes Craven’s 1984 flick “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” the films have invaded our parents’ minds since they were our age.

With “Paranormal Activity 3” coming out this Halloween, the horror shall continue. Our questionable love for horror films will live on through the generations. New thoughts and possibilities will create new fears in the minds of all of us. We just need to be responsible with viewing them. Save it for a Friday night, rather than 11 pm on a Tuesday.

A list of top horror films through the ages: