Spirit fashion to cheer on your team


From left to right: Jennifer Jacko (junior), Hayley Bemis (senior), and Paige Herbst (senior)

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Friday night football games can be so much fun to get ready for, but wearing the same THS shirt for every game isn’t very fun. They can also be tricky to dress for because some nights it’s cold and foggy and sometimes it’s warm and humid. Keep reading for tips and outfit ideas for football season.

First of all invest in essential separates in Tigard school colors: green, black, and white. This should be fairly easy because most people already own black and white. Look for v-necks or scoop necks because they tend to flatter every body shape. These essential pieces will help build your outfit and is a great way to layer for chillier days. Also you don’t need to worry about wasting money because these pieces will most likely get a lot of wear from games and daily use.

Look for fun pieces in school colors like spandex, tights, or fun socks. If you’re really spirited, painting your face or dying your hair can look great at games. Accessories are a quick and easy way to add more spirit to your outfit, keep a look out for animal themed jewelry because they are actually trending right now in the fashion industry. Statement necklaces are also very in, so look for those.

Of course there is an alternative for students who prefer to not be super spirited and would rather look cute. Lace tops, cardigans, and chunky sweaters in THS school colors are all fashionable choices.

Don’t forget to layer your outfits because it gets cooler as night falls. Wearing leggings under your pants or jeans is a good way to keep your legs warm, and don’t be afraid to wear multiple pairs of socks to keep your feet warm.

But no matter what you wear, go out there and support your team and have a good time.