20 commonly misspelled words that you should learn

By Anna Roberts, Staff Writer

There are defiantly (okay, this is just stupid–defiantly means “acting in a rebellious way”–you want definitely, with no a and more i’s) tons of words that are commonly mispelled (should be misspelled with two s’s instead of one).

I think sometimes people are more then (then is a conjunction, and is used to combine two clauses; than is used for comparisons and is the right word to use here) or think their (their indicates possession, so unless the subject owns an “is”, the word there is the right word here) is an autocorrect button on there (well now, here you’d want their because it indicates possession) paper.

It is rediculous (ridiculous has an o, not an e) how people write sometimes. If you want to suceed (should be succeed with two c’s and two e’s) in life, your (oh, so you own a “going”?–use you’re, because it is a contraction between you and are) going to need to learn how to spell properly.  After alot (alot is not a word in the English dictionary, it’s actually two words: a lot) of practice, it gets much easier to spell correctly.

Besides, do you really want to embaress (spelled embarrass, with two r’s and two r’s) yourself when you misspell the word tomarrow (should be spelled tomorrow with an o instead of an a)?  When you pay attention to the word and how its (spelled it’s, because it’s is a contraction between it and is, and its is for possession) spelled, it gets stuck in your memory, and soon enough, it comes naturally!