Teacher opinions on texting in class


By Allie Chino, Staff Writer

Texting in class: it’s something that we all do, but don’t admit to. Although many will boast about how they can always get away with it, are all teachers really that lax about it?

“It’s a distraction. Besides, no one has anything important to say,” said I.B. coordinator and teacher Ken Teschner, who threatens to take a phone away if he sees one.

Some teachers are really strict about text messaging in class. It is extremely rude, according to English teacher Karen Moore, who will take your phone away if she sees it and give you an after school detention.

“I prefer students who are engaged in class,” said Moore.

In contrast, an anonymous teacher thinks that students need to use technology the way adults do. She believes that if a class discussion is going on, you shouldn’t use your phone, but if you’re just doing your work, you should be allowed to.

“We should [be allowed to text message in class] so we can look up the answers,” said Junior Anette Gullholm.

Regardless of individual teacher leniency, cell phones are prohibited in classrooms for the time being.