New Art teacher at THS

By Sophie Peterson, Staff Writer

Among other changes happening at Tigard High School this year, a new teacher is on the scene. Shelley Socolofsky, former staff member at Sprague High School in Salem, is excited about her first year being a part of the Tigard Pride!

While describing her experience at Tigard High so far, Socolofsky was all smiles.

“I love it here,” she exclaimed, “everyone is so friendly.”

She acknowledges and appreciates the diversity that exists at THS, mentioning that “everybody gets along.” When asked to describe Tigard High in one word, Socolofsky replied without hesitation: positive.

Socolofsky hopes to share her passion for art with the students at Tigard High. She says that she is “very serious about art” and wishes to inspire students to embrace their creativity. Also, she is pleased to announce that IB Art is returning in Fall 2012. So for all you art-lovers out there, let’s say it together: “Finally!”

Looking forward to the new year, Socolofsky is enjoying getting to know her new students. “I still don’t know all their names,” she admits. Let’s give her a break, learning eight classes-worth of names is not an easy task. So open your arms, THS, and let’s give a warm welcome to the new addition to our Tigard family: Shelley Socolofsky.