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Profile picture change surprises students

Google profile picture changes shock students. By 4th period on Monday, many students in Hillary Currier's Introduction to Publications class still had last year's photo as their Google Meet icon.
November 24, 2020

     Over the weekend, the profile pictures of all the TTSD students changed to their previous year’s school photo.       The district office sent an email to students explaining that teachers...

Sunrise on a new senior tradition

Because students couldn't meet face-to-face on campus, seniors organized their own Senior Sunrise at Cook Park. The event didn't go off without a hitch. The smoke from wildfires covered the sun and even made visibility across the parking lot a difficulty.
Leadership class adapts activities and students create their own in order to make senior year memorable
October 20, 2020

     Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the leadership class was unable to hold a traditional Senior Sunrise.       In the past years, seniors would wake up early the morning of the first day...

IB Program continues in Covid

Mike Savage brings students up to date with how the IB Program is adapting in a Q&A.
October 13, 2020

Link Crew switches things up

During Freshman Orientation 2019, freshman Isaac Lafohn and junior Anthony Salazar tried to pop balloons back-to-back. It wasn't as easy as it looked.
Distance learning makes for changes in connecting freshmen to upperclassmen
October 12, 2020

     Link Crew Leaders help freshmen stay connected during their first year of high school.       In the past Link Crew has been responsible for leading freshmen through their first day of school...

Back to School (at Home)

Set up in her home office, senior Celine Yutzie waits to join her first period Google Meet, Government with Weber.
We got the questions, you got the answers; four students weigh in on the first week of distance learning
September 24, 2020

Celine Yutzie by Aubrey Jordan Q: What was your first week of school like, was it what you expected? A: My first day wasn’t as exciting as past years. It was pretty awkward, actually, because...

Protests Around the Nation

In early June graffiti covered boarded up storefronts in downtown Portland.
September 17, 2020

     Whether people call it peaceful protests or riots, communities around the nation have seen a summer of unrest. Sunday marked the 100th day of protests in Portland.      Originally enraged...

Students react to distance learning

Distance learning creates a different type of first day of school. Students in Hillary Currier's third period class shared their reactions.
By their third period of the day, students had some stories to tell
September 14, 2020

     By their third period class, students had time to settle into the new distance learning routine. Alarms annoyed, pets played and technology teased as the school day marched on in bedrooms and kitchens...

Time to be with family

Deja Fitzwater and her grandmother play cribbage. Fitzwater has been living with her grandparents since distance learning began.
Deja Fitzwater finds the silver lining of quarantine
June 12, 2020

     The week after the postponing of Unity Day was a blur for me, and I can’t remember doing anything other than some household chores or finishing up some random school assignments that were given...

Final Inspection

Although the courtyard is still a mud pit, the building is coming along around it. The business wing, commons and athletic wing will be ready for students in the fall.
After four years of reporting, James Favot writes one last construction article.
June 4, 2020

     On the first day of our freshman year, my peers and I walked into a building where everything was new and uncertain. The future lay ahead of us, as unknown and mysterious as all the halls and...

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