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1 in 1800: Alaa El Amin

1 in 1800: Alaa El Amin

By Olivia Niemi, Multimedia Editor
October 2, 2019
Although it is common knowledge among his peers that he is gay, this identity is something that is only embraced outside of his home. At home, Au is still struggling to be accepted for who he is.

Nothing but Pride

By Maddie Cooke, Multimedia Editor
June 7, 2019
Nam Nguyen (Class of 2005)

Trip to the Past

By Delena Do, Staff Writer
April 4, 2019
Sophie Fenton started the anonymous letters as a way for Tigard students to open up.

Introducing Tigard’s anonymous journal

By Olivia Young, News Editor
November 14, 2018
Oscar buzz yet to die down

Oscar buzz yet to die down

By Reilly King, Writer/Designer
February 25, 2013
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