IB Literature and Language 11 (SL)

James Favot and Allegra Wesson

If none of the current junior English classes seem too appealing, there’s a brand new option for juniors next year. IB Literature and Language will offer students an IB class with the same academic standards but with less of the rigor and workload as the high-level IB Literature class.


Kristi Latimer teaches IB English 12 and heads the English department. “IB Literature and Language takes a different approach. You’re still studying literature and you still read a few of the longer texts, but you also read a number of short texts and instead of grouping things by type of literature like dramas or novels, you’re grouping things under a certain theme,” Latimer said.


Last year, Creative Writing, American Literature and Composition, and IB English 11 were the options juniors had when forecasting. Creative Writing has now been removed from the curriculum with IB Literature and Language taking its place. This new IB English class will offer a class for those who want to take an advanced English class, but not be overwhelmed with homework.


“You still have those IB expectations where you’re going to be digging really deep[…] but it’s a standard-level class which means [it has] slightly less homework than the higher-level Literature class,” Latimer said.


Since the class is going to be more flexible than the HL IB English class, students might find that more fun. “The thing that I think is going to be fun about that program is that it allows us to switch things up based on contemporary events,” Latimer said.

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