Race and the 21st Century

Liz Blodgett

Throughout history, racism has been a huge issue. Even though we are in the 21st century, it is still an issue. Many people don’t know how to address this topic and start discussions around it. Race and The 21st Century will start that discussion. In this class, students will be given the opportunity to reflect and react to stories from other classmates.

As detailed in the Forecasting Guide, this class will answer many questions, such as “How much is racism still an issue in the United States?”, “Why does the topic of race often make people feel uncomfortable, afraid, guilty, or angry?” and “How does [race] look different than it has in the past?” While answering these questions, students will engage in discussions about race and use copious resources spanning all forms of media to do so.

“It’s a really specific course about contemporary issues. I think about the things that have happened over the last couple years like the Black Lives Matter movement, the series of shootings, and how the issue of race has really popped up again in our culture, and this class gives a safe environment to talk about those issues,” Associate Principal Andrew Kearl said.

If learning about race throughout history and learning about how it has changed over the years interests you, then this is a class that you should consider taking in the fall.


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