He, She, Me: An Intro to Gender

Olivia Young

“He, She, Me: an Intro to Gender” is a class about masculinity and femininity in America. In this class you’ll be studying various thoughts from scientists, sociologist, and artists about gender, as well as gender roles and other material related to gender.

In addition to the regular curriculum, you’ll also learn about the roles of people in households and careers, current events, the media and advertising and how they’re shifting.

“These are topics that are talked about in different classes like English, social studies etc.,  but it’s really specific about the role of gender and how it’s changed overtime, [and] sort of looking at social norms and social issues in a different way we haven’t offered before,” Associate principal Andrew Kearl said.

This class is available to grades 10-12 and does not need any prerequisites. The teacher is undecided as of right now, but when schedules come out in the fall, the teacher will be listed there.

Kearl recommends this course to those who are thinking about going into social sciences, as well as a role in government. “People who are interested in Sociology as a major in college would be interested in [the class], [He, She, Me] would be good courses to take pre IB Anthropology.”

If you are at all interested in studying gender, learning more about how certain media influences society’s view on gender, and overall social science, consider forecasting for “He, She, Me: An Intro to Gender”!


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