CS for All

Tim Galvan, Avery Smith and Jared Debban

Computer Science for All is a new class being introduced into the Tigard IT curriculum. It is for students who have no clue what to do in the technology program but think they might be interested.


Tigard High is famous for having a big IT program with many receiving professional certifications for their work. It may seem intimidating coming to Tigard, wanting to join the technology program, but not having any idea where to start.


The curriculum for CS for All is brand new, and it needs no prerequisites, nor is it a prerequisite for any class, so there is no pressure or obligations to take the next course.


“Its a survey class into the IT program” Associate Principal Andrew Kearl said. “It introduces students into programs such as robotics and gaming, and they don’t have to feel the pressure the program brings with it.” If a student likes the class, he/she can feel more confident moving on to classes like CS 160.


“With the tech revolution happening in the last few years, this class is needed now more than ever,” Kearl said. Over 500,000 jobs require basic computer knowledge in the U.S. It is expected to double in the coming years. CS for All provides that basic knowledge students would need to see if they had an interest in the field.


Even so, Tigard already offers many IT classes and other classes such as CS 160 and 161, all of which students can earn professional certifications in. CS for All allows students to experiment with the class and not have to commit to another set of courses.


If you’re not sure where or how to start into the IT program, forecast for CS for All, it may surprise you how much you don’t know.

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