IB History

Megan Le

Sophomores and juniors that are interested in diving deeper into history and acquiring 12 PCC credits should be considering forecasting for IB History this upcoming week. Past and current students enjoy Dave Unis’s teaching style and sense of humor, and they enjoy the manner in which the topics are discussed.

One great thing that I hope comes out of this class is a deeper knowledge and appreciation for American History. The biggest draw, though, is probably the 12 free college credits, which can be transferred to the college or university you are attending,” Unis says. “Besides the reasons listed previously, I suppose the greatest reason to take this class is to be part of the IB History Unis fraternity, which now includes members probably in the thousands.”  

Another bonus is that when students finish class work early, a game of trivia is lead by Unis to add some joy to our lives. “I haven’t been able to answer a question correctly, but I think it’s a fun way to end the class period,” junior Sydney Leinberger said. Students are also able to engage in meaningful class discussions and work together on projects which allow them to further study specific topics.

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