Chocolate: where to find it

A chocolate review for Valentine's Day by Avery Smith

February 14, 2018

There is no doubt that one of the most popular treats of American culture is chocolate, and given the fact that Valentines is today, the cravings for chocolate have increased among the residents of Portland.


Chocolate is adored across the nation for its flavor, and its malleability to mix new flavors with it. Alma chocolates, is a great example of a local chocolate company that uses this creativity to its advantage. With a wide array of flavors and ingredients infused into their samples, Alma is truly adventurous and breaks boundaries as a chocolatier. Not only do they have creative flavor choices, but they also use chocolate as an art form, Alma even sculpts their chocolate into intricate and detailed shapes made to resemble religious figures like the Virgin Guadalupe, The Buddha, and variations on the heart. Meaning “soul” in Spanish, Alma aims to create chocolate as it was meant to be, using spices and flavors to bring chocolate to it’s culinary perfection. As for results, the flavors are indeed unique, you have to be expecting it though, not a pleasant surprise when you bite into a bonbon hoping for sweet and you taste spicy. However Alma has its fair share of simple flavors that most customers can get behind. In conclusion it is a very innovative, organic, and authentic chocolate producer with its own unique quirks.


Another (arguably more well known) chocolatier is See’s Candies. Founded in 1921, See’s has been around for a long time, giving it time to grow into one of the most popular chocolate distributors with over 100 locations across the nation. As for their menu, See’s has mind boggling amount of chocolates, toffees, and lollipops so all customers can find what they are looking for. For example, everytime my family goes to See’s we always get a ton of their lollipops, which come in 5 different flavors and are equally adored throughout the family. See’s is a great place to go for chocolates for Valentines or just in general if you just want some sweets.


In the end we have two opposing chocolatiers, the new, fresh Alma, which has bold adventurous flavors and ambitions, and See’s, the rooted, the uniform, but still has enjoyable traditional chocolate. To be honest you could go to either and have a great time sampling, and trying out new sweets. Chocolate is sacred to America, and these are just two of the many ways you can experience it on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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