Olivia Young

There are many opportunities for THS students to tell other’s stories and make an impact in their communities. One of these ways is through Publications. Publications has three components that are for students, by students; the paper Hi-Spots, the weekly announcement broadcast Tigard Today, and the online publications The Paw.

Students who forecast into Publications, with the proper prerequisite, will be able to participate and contribute to things that not only show their love for the school, but inform the student body on important happenings.

“I believe that students should forecast into Publications if they like telling other people’s stories, if they like being part of a community, [and] if they like talking to other people. All of these are important things that you do in Publications,” Hillary Currier said. She teaches Publications, and is the adviser for the three different segments covered in the class.

As you start forecasting next week, make sure to consider filling out a form to enter into Publications, or completing the prerequisite prior to joining.

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