Game Design

Jared Debban

Students interested in making games, learning about how to develop games using the game maker software and then showcasing their skills should look into taking this class. “It is the easiest class in the building,” Fulton said. The game design class consists of students learning from a step-by-step book how to build different games and then incorporating those skills into your independent game assignments. When asked if he would recommend the class to other students, Freshman Tim Esau said, “Yes, the class is easy and fun.” Students will also write their own storylines for their games and build everything from scratch using what they know and incorporating whatever they want into their own independent games.


Students that take the class will work to put together all different kinds of games. “It is something I have wanted to do, it is a really fun class,” sophomore Zander Cloud said. After the designated work time for each game is complete, you will play other students’ games in the class and evaluate them based on a rubric providing the specifications each game requires are met. Game design is a full year, every other day class. Over the course of the year, you will make multiple story-book games and independent games to showcase what you have learned.

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