Liz Blodgett, Staff Writer

From the wheel to the table, ceramics class is one of the many ways students get to relax and take a break from the constant studying and memorizing. Through repetition and practice, many students tend to notice that making pots and mugs isn’t that hard at all. Before each assignment, ceramics teacher Greg Johnson gives a brief demonstration of what could be done for the project. However, each assignment is open ended.

“If you are someone who likes to do or create or build over memorization you will realize so much more about how you learn and what you’re good at if you take this class,” Johnson said.

This elective is very hands on. If a student would like to forecast for this class, Ceramics 1 students are just learning the basics. This introduction to the course allows students to see if ceramics is really right for them.

“I think ceramics is one of the best classes for a lot of people because it’s hands on, it’s project centered and students are engaged instead of passively sitting there rec information. Their learning experienced not memorized abstractly,” Johnson said.

When forecasting comes around, make sure to consider ceramics for one of your electives.


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