Students react to distance learning

By their third period of the day, students had some stories to tell


Emma Noah using Canva

Distance learning creates a different type of first day of school. Students in Hillary Currier’s third period class shared their reactions.

By Staff

     By their third period class, students had time to settle into the new distance learning routine. Alarms annoyed, pets played and technology teased as the school day marched on in bedrooms and kitchens and dining rooms around Tigard. Here’s what some of the students in Hillary Currier’s digital photography class had to report about the new normal. 

     “[It] was uncomfortable having to wake up hours earlier than what I’m used to.” –Martin Unzueta

     “I’ve set up my cat stand so it’s just barely in view of my Chromebook’s camera so when my cats feel like joining me they can.” –Draven Gladwell

     “I’m in Michigan and it will be 6:30 when I finish school.” –Nour Aoude

     “I accidentally joined a class early with four other people, and it was very awkward; so I guess that was funny.” –Raquel Wolf

“My link wasn’t working to [digital photography] class, so I panicked and had a friend text the teacher, but I got in right after.” –Hailey Zinsli

     “Earlier in AGS I was asking the teacher a question so I was unmuted and my dog decided she wanted to jump on my bed. Unfortunately for her, she is a short dog, so when she jumped she didn’t quite make it all the way and was holding onto the bed like Mufasa from Lion King and the class watched her in the background trying to crawl onto the top.” –Payton Hughes

     “Today my cat, Milo, sat on a box and it collapsed underneath him because he is so heavy. He is only 11 pounds but feels a lot heavier. He was rolling around and my other cat, Mochi was attacking him and she got scared when it collapsed.” –Molly Fast

“Something funny is I woke up early.” –Carson Anderson

“Today I remembered how I used to hate my alarm.” –Kevin Santiago Santos