Introducing Ellie


Liz Blodgett

Sparrow Ellie and her family join students in the gym for the annual Sparrow Assembly. At the assembly, Sparrow Club partnered with BlackRock Coffee Company to inspire students to serve their community.

By Liz Blodgett

     For the past couple years, the Tigard community has partnered with Black Rock Coffee Bar and Sparrow Clubs USA to help sponsor a child with medical issues in hopes to raise money for any additional medical bills and/or services that they will have in the future. 

     This year the sparrow is 11-year-old Ellie Dummer. Ellie was born with a heart defect called Tricuspid Atresia with transposition of the great arteries. Due to this, Ellie has had many heart surgeries to help this issue in her heart. During her latest surgery, her heart stopped twice which caused a lack of oxygen to her brain. As a result, she lost the ability to talk, walk and eat. Since then Ellie has worked every day to regain these skills that she lost. 

     To raise this money for Ellie, Black Rock has set aside money that is locked. For Ellie to receive that money, students at Tigard have to do hours of community service. Each hour of service is $10 that will be unlocked and given to Ellie for any additional services that she may need. 

     Black Rock has sponsored Tigard’s Sparrow for a number of years. “We value our community, and we are inspired by stories that inspire greatness in others,” Cory Burket, Black Rock Franchise Liaison, said.

     Sparrow Club can be a way for students to volunteer and actually see the person they are helping with their service.    

     “I really just wanted to volunteer more, and I really just like the fact of getting to meet Ellie, ” freshman Gisselle Hernandez said.

     The sparrow assembly is used to not only inform the student body about our new sparrow, but for the students to be inspired by Ellie’s story and want to help her achieve her goal.  

     “It made me feel like we have a good community because it shows that we can all come together and support the people in need,” freshman Brooke Timmons said.