Positive Referals

By Iyvin Poeu, Staff Writer

Referrals can be a bad thing, but what about a positive referral? Positive referrals can be achieved by good behavior within a school year, or work being turned in regularly. Positive referrals are now being awarded to students and word is spreading.

Positive referrals are turned in by teachers. Counselor Tammy Gatlin said, “It’s given to a student or classroom when recognizable or going above and beyond.”

Math teacher Mrs. Nicole Barker handed out seven positive referrals so far this semester to students. One of these students, sophomore Nethaniel Chosa, thinks he got it for “working hard for my future”. He received coffee card after being awarded his positive referral, he said that he ”felt good about it and proud of myself”.

Another student, junior Melissa Storr, received five Tigard Cage dollars for her positive referral. The reason she thought she got it was,“by getting a passing grade in the class and turning around from bad to good from last year to this year”. Storr also said that receiving this made her think that ”it was nice to receive recognition for improving on work”. Storr commented, “It’s unusual for these recognitions, they seem pretty special.”