Which is better?

By Amanda Prince, Staff Writer

Christmas is right around the corner and families are deciding if they should put up a real or fake tree this year. Some people prefer a real tree because it give the house a fresh aroma smell. Others prefer a fake tree because it can be easier to put up.

“I prefer fake trees because its easier and you can use it every year and not have to waste your money and buy a new tree,” says Max Meyer.

Some families enjoy going out to Christmas tree farms because they like to pick out different kinds of trees every year. Also, some families having a tradition every year to find a tree.

“I enjoy getting a real tree because you get to be with your family, and its fun because you don’t get to do it very often. Also, it makes the house smell really good,” says Logan Friend.

Whatever kind of tree you and your family choose, it won’t change the reason of Christmas, but it’s something you and your family will enjoy to do together. Happy tree hunting!