NHS blood drive

By Amanda Prince, Staff Writer

Blood transfusion save lives and improves health, but many patients require safe blood. The unavailability of blood has led to deaths and many patients suffering from ill-health. According to the World Health Organization, “Around 108 million units of donated blood are collected globally every year.” More than 41,000 blood donations are needed everyday, and what sounds better than having our school contribute.

Do you want to say a life? Well, National Honor Society is hosting a blood drive Monday, October 20th in the small gym starting at 8 and ends at 1. Students sixteen or older can sign up. Parent approval is needed if under sixteen. To be safe drink plenty of water, and also make sure you eat breakfast that morning.

“I think its a great thing for kids at our school to get into. People out in the world need help and I think it’s a great oppurtunity for people to get involved. It also makes you feel good on the inside,” sophomore Emily Webster. There are thousands of people entering the hospital every day the need blood, so this is a great way to get our students involved!