October thrillers

By Eva McConnell, Staff Writer

With fall comes spooky.

As Halloween gets closer, horror/thriller themed television shows and movies start to come out. After the success of ghosts living in the murderhouse, Nuns running an asylum, and witches protecting their coven, starting on Oct. 8th on FX, American Horror Story will be premiering their fourth mini series titled ‘Freak Show’. This season will be placed in Jupiter, Florida in the 1950’s. ‘Freak show’ will be centered around one of the few freak shows and star abnormal characters such as Lobster Boy, the bearded lady, and conjoined twins. To top it off, a killer clown will be roaming the tents causing trouble! Sound creepy? Director of AHS, Ryan Murphy, agrees!

“I’m actually worried that this season might be too scary,” Murphy responded in an interview. So if you like horror and plot twists, tune in to American Horror Story next Wednesday at 10pm.

Another show to add to your T.V list is the new series called Stalker. Actors Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott (who also starred in the first season of AHS’s MurderHouse) will be playing detectives investigating the scary world of stalkers. Catch the Pilot Premiere on CBS, October 1st at 10pm.

If you’re not much for horror shows, attend the premeire of the highly anticipated horror movie titled “Annabelle”, a prequel to the movie “Conjuring”, coming out October 3rd. Also coming out this October is the new movie “Ouija”, a story about a group of teens who play with an Ouija board to try and contact their friend who had recently passed. Check this movie out coming October 24th, and all the other scares coming this fall.