THS game night was a hit

By Sydney White, staff writer

The sound of music and students shouting and cheering fills the empty halls after the busy school day. After the long, education filled day, students are relaxing and having a great time playing games together.

Game night was from 4-6 p.m. in the commons earlier tonight. Students and teachers were welcome to play various board and video games. The night was put on by leadership to add some fun to a regular school day.

“It’s just to do something fun for the school,” said leadership member, senior Nicholas Dauphinias.

The games consisted of some video game consoles such as a Wii, game cube, and more. Of course the old fashioned board games were played. A group of students and teachers crowded around the board game Life on the floor while other students sat at a table conversing. Later in the evening, students ran through the hallways searching for their peers. With a game of Sardines being carried while students ran throughout the vacant school hallways.

“My favorite part about the night was probably playing Just Dance and seeing Joel Harbolt kick butt in ‘Crazy Love’,” said sophomore Nene Maruta.

The fun filled night was a chance to have a great time at school and be a part of something. The leadership members’ work payed off with the outcome, and rewarded everyone with a fun night.