American Horror Story: Flappy Bird


By Linh Le, Staff Writer

“Angry Birds” is now an app of the past. There’s a new feathered creature in town and it seems to cause rage in players yet is number one on the App Store and Google Play Store.

“Flappy Bird”, created by Dong Nguyen, is game available to download for free for iPhone and Android users. The idea of the game is simple: tap on the screen to make the bird fly and avoid hitting pipes to reach a point. However, just one touch of a pipe and the bird dies with a loud smack, taking a nose-dive to the ground. This game can make one go insane and keep playing until one point is completed. Since the game is somewhat difficult, many users can’t get their score to hit double-digits.

“I can’t seem to beat [my score of] five,” junior Daniel Trinh admitted.

Nguyen has also created other games such as “Juggling” and “Shuriken Block” the two both currently holding the number four and number nine spot in the App Store. With the current snow day, there’s nothing else better to do except play rage-inducing games to pass the time.