A guide to a meatless Thanksgiving

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Around this time of year, Thanksgiving favorites flood minds and trigger cravings. From recipes kept in families for generations, to a new tradition found on the internet, memories pertaining to food occur every Thanksgiving season.

However, for vegans and vegetarians, cooking a full-course meal that everyone will enjoy can be tricky. Here are some ways to substitute meat or dairy products for a yummy feast to make Thanksgiving dinner unforgettable.

Appetizers can be as simple as veggies and dip, or as elaborate as a homemade dish. Squash is especially ripe during this season, so it makes a great addition to the table. Soup creates warmth and coziness as the temperature drops, therefore a squash soup will elate guests. Butternut squash dip with citrus served with warm bread, or a spinach dip with vegan cheese makes easy finger-food. Another idea for warmth is a melted vegan cheese with apple panini, cut into pieces for more manageable items.

For an entree everyone will devour, vegetarian/vegan possibilities are endless! A tofu pot pie with sweet potato crust is just one way to substitute turkey. Or, if there isn’t already a gourd in your meal, acorn squash alfredo pasta. One more option to stay healthy and avoid carbs could be a big lemon grilled portobello mushroom salad. In order to leave family members and friends full and satisfied, these few options would definitely do the trick. Roasted cheesy broccoli provides a side dish that’s able to match with almost everything, as well as traditional cranberry sauce.

Some may be skeptical to vegetarian/vegan desserts, however there are numerous unique recipes to choose from. Pumpkin pie, generally a popular Thanksgiving treat, can be made using vegan cream cheese as a replacement. A multitude of cookies using soy milk and margarine provide excellent goodies, as do carrot cakes.

All these varying ideas and more can be found with full recipes in cookbooks, or on sites such as Pinterest.