Falling Into Fall

Last night, October 11, CFT Elementary school held their annual Fall Festival at Baggenstos farm. The festival was full of excitement and activities ranging from waiting in line for 20 minutes for a cup of warm apple cider to jumping from bail-of-hay to bail-of-hay. One of the most popular things for the kids to do was pumpkin bowling where the kids take a small pumpkin and chuck it down a lane that is set up in the grass, and if they hit down all 10 pins after throwing three pumpkins they get candy. That seems like a pretty good deal when you’re five or six years old, but for the older kids there was the candy walk. The kids would all hop onto a number and run around in a circle to all the numbers while a song such as “Monster Mash” played. When the music stopped the announcers would call out a number and whoever was on the number would get a bag of candy. It was all about the candy. As the night drew to an end the kids finished up their candy and apple cider and went to either the “Romney Obama Corn Maze” or picked out pumpkins with their parents. The festivities ended around 8:15 giving the kids and parents about two hours to enjoy all the fun the Fall Festival had to offer.