Homecoming week- Spirit Days

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, when the school votes for class royalty, Durham fills with floats from THS, and the football team gears up for the big game. Here at Tigard High, we don’t just wait until Friday and Saturday to celebrate Homecoming, we make sure everyday has a little something for students to look forward to.

Here is what you should be wearing for each spirit day leading up to the game.

Monday 10/1/12: Class Colors Day– support your peers today and take pride in your grade level by wearing you class colors!

Tuesday 10/2/12: Twin Day– sometimes, you wonder what it would be like to have a twin.  Luckily, you can partner up and test it out on Tuesday.

Wednesday 10/3/12: Would you be my friend if I wore this Day– this is the perfect day to make a statement or just scare your friends. Dare to try on your wildest hat or your ugliest pants and ask them: Would you be my friend if I wore this???

Thursday 10/4/12: Toga Day– get some practice for those college parties and put on your best toga.

Friday 10/5/12: Tiger Gear Day– It’s finally here, the big night of the Homecoming game against Tualatin. Support THS by wearing your best gear. This means bring out the greens, blacks, whites, and tiger stripes.

Saturday 10/6/12: Homecoming– now it’s not a spirit day, but everyone should be wearing his or her best for the dance!